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Take the academic learning from summer school and blend it with the self-discovery that comes with summer camp:

you will arrive at Reach Academy for Young Men.


ON-CAMPUS: For LA-based young men entering Grades 7–10 (entering 11 in the fall) seeking a three-week, in-person experience 

REMOTE: For young men anywhere entering Grades 7–10 (enter
ing 11 in the fall) seeking engaging remote classes        

WHAT WE OFFER: One, two and three-week remote and in-person courses
(Choose three classes: two in morning and one in afternoon)

COURSES ARE: Interest-based • Project-based • Inquiry-based

SCHOLARSHIP FUNDING: Available to students in and around Los Angeles, CA


OUR COURSES: Reach Academy for Young Men offers a broad array of courses designed to interest young men.  Our courses range from political science to environmentalism; from computer programing to music production.  


CLASS SIZE: Our Curious Cardinals courses cap at 3 participants per class, in order to foster close mentoring ties. Our in-person classes cap at 10 participants per class, and include group projects.


FEEDBACK: Every young man receives written feedback from each one of their mentor teachers. These letters are to be used as tools for reflection and growth, and they are grounded in positive relationship.


OUR LEADERSHIP PROGRAM: Every day, our young men collaborate and iterate.  They learn from mentor teachers who know them as individuals and draw upon their strengths. Our leadership program centers on: Self-presentation, Public Speaking, and Applied Motivation. At the conclusion of this three week leadership program, our young men will be well-versed in:

    • Earned Credibility

    • Authentic Leadership

    • Relational Trust

    • Growth Mindset

    • Powerful Positivity​

SPEAKER SERIES: Our Speaker Series exposes our young men to leaders representing a wide array of professional industries. Their stories inspire our young men to think outside of themselves and define the unique offerings they contribute to society at large.

Our Courses


Click on the links below to read teacher bios and course descriptions.

Engaging with Global Texts

Ronak Shetty, Stanford University


Evolutionary Psychology: the Human Brain and the Animal Kingdom

John Ball, Harvard University


Intro to Electoral Politics

John Ball, Harvard University


Climate Change... Says Who?: Introduction to Environmental Modeling

Sunrit Panda, Princeton University


Money Matters: Introduction to Personal Finance and Trading

Sunrit Panda, Princeton University


Why are There So Many Letters in Math?

David Hill, Harvard University


See the Numbers in Games: Intro to Sports Analytics

Daniel Fishman, Stanford University


Sustainable Technology in California

Daniel Fishman, Stanford University


War & Strategy: From Troy to Ukraine

Calvin Dunn, Western Washington University


Famous Tales of Survival: More than Meets the Eye

Calvin Dunn, Western Washington University


Music Production and Songwriting: Finding Your Voice as an Artist

Hayden Jones, Wesleyan University


Expect the Unexpected: Quirks of Quantum Mechanics and Tangential Topics

Beyer White, Princeton University


Making Art Like Mozart: An Introduction to Classical Composition

Beyer White, Princeton University


Black Heroes Among Us

Nate Hylton, University of Pennsylvania

The Course Schedule At-A-Glance

6.9.23 RAFYM Course Grid.png

Downloadable PDFs of Courses and Weekly Schedule

              COST OF PROGRAMS

3-week on-campus program: $3,000

2-week on-campus program $2,100

1-week on-campus program: $1,200

3-week remote program: $2,100

2-week remote program $1,500

1-week remote program: $900


*Scholarships and Financial Aid available.

All Saints Church Beverly Hills


A Non-Denominational Program
All Saint's Church Beverly Hills
504 N. Camden Drive
Beverly Hills, CA 90210

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