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Tim Whiteman

Tim Whiteman

Tim Whiteman is currently a 6th Grade English / Language Arts teacher at Westside Neighborhood School near Playa Vista, CA. Mr. Whiteman is not just a dynamic educator in the classroom... he is comfortable wearing a number of education-adjacent hats! He is a coach for sports such as basketball, flag football and baseball. He also tutors students of a variety of ages. He even participates in initiatives that help further student growth, from debate to mock trial to participation on the DEIJ Committee and in educator think tanks. He embraces the calling of education and has done so from his days in Brooklyn, NY where he was born and raised. He currently resides in Inglewood, CA and enjoys golf, watching sports and just keeping up on current events. 


Mr. Whiteman is an educator whose main passion is "teaching the whole child". He brings over a decade of educational experience in both the public school and independent school settings. This is coupled with over a decade working in sports marketing prior to pivoting into his true role as a guide for young minds. He has successfully worked with students as young as kindergarten all the way to high school and even some collegiate young adults. He values empowering students to critically think about all the content they engage in, trusting what is shared but also preparing to verify and accurately inform their viewpoints. He also values the importance of a unified effort between student, family and educator to ensure student academic success and personal advancement.  "Be the change you want to see in the world!"

My Course

The Me Everybody Should Know

Everyone has a story to tell... so don't let someone else be the narrator of yours!


This course will be a simple but compelling exploration of the most interesting person you know (or don't know...yet): YOU!! We will take a look at your life so far, your highs, your lows, your fears and your goals. We will also address key points to consider as you develop into amazingly dynamic human beings. All of this will culminate in a powerful written introduction to the world of the force of nature that is you.


This is the time to start developing your personal statement. It is what high schools as well as colleges & universities will ask from you... So why not work on a masterpiece that introduces you in all your humanity and glory? Your story matters!

A Horse (or Course) of a Different Color!

When must you stand up for yourself? Or even stand up for others? Are “four legs good and two legs bad…or better?”


Extensive study has been done for decades about the themes and depth of the classic novel Animal Farm. Now, we have a chance to really dive into the meaning of George Orwell's writing to debate and explore the relevant arguments within. We will read the book and clarify its historical/allegorical connection with the Russian Revolution of 1917 (maybe even extending to current events relevance). Then we will study the character motivations, desires, struggles and impact on the overall story arc. This background work will be weaved with the basics about effective debate skills and lead to what should be spirited, fun debates!

So…what kind of animal are YOU?

Superheroes Among Us

Superheroes are all around us.


The tough part is recognizing what it means to be a “superhero” in the real world. What is a “code of ethics”? If you have more access or abilities than the next person, are you held to a different standard? Do you hold yourself to a different standard in that situation?


This course will approach these and other interesting topics about our world through the lens of traditional written literature, comic books and even comics-based movies. We will use these dynamically different means of communication to determine possible answers to some tough questions about the world around us. We will write our views on these subjects and share them to help understand different perspectives in very creative ways, helping us grow as writers, academics and collaborative individuals overall.


So what happens when someone (or a society) says "Enough!" to unscrupulous powers-that-be? Who was really right in the film Captain America: Civil War… Iron Man or Captain America? Was Thanos right? How is Superman both a model of all that’s good AND a nod to things we don’t want to admit about ourselves?


Because believe it or not, many times art can imitate life. So who is ready to be a superhero?

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