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Ian Schuler

Ian Schuler

Ian Schuler, our new Dean of Creative Leadership, is an educator and working artist born and raised in Pasadena, CA. Holding a BA in Fine Arts from Seattle University and a teaching credential in secondary school art education from Cal State East Bay, Ian brings a unique blend of creativity and experience-based learning expertise to the Reach Academy team. In previous roles, he has served as an art teacher at La Salle College Preparatory in Pasadena, the 2D Design and Career and Technical Education Teacher at Wallis Annenberg High School in Los Angeles, and the Middle School Associate Director at Chandler School in Pasadena. As an educator, Mr. Schuler brings an engaging, project-oriented, and scaffolded approach to learning and nurturing young minds. 


In his spare time, Mr. Schuler works as a visual artist painting canvases in his home studio, creating large-scale murals around Los Angeles and Pasadena, and designing graphic images such as album covers, tour posters, logos, and merchandise for various businesses and musicians. He believes creativity, experience, and critical thinking should be at the forefront of learning and that young minds learn best through creation, activity, and play. Lastly, Mr. Schuler is a proud parent of two and cherishes his 3 year old son and 1 year old daughter.

My Courses

Breaking It Down: The Principles and Elements of Art and Design

Art is all about the process of making! To create any kind of art, whether it be drawing, painting, design, animation, fashion, or architecture, there are two things that are needed: practice and exposure to the essentials of aesthetics.  This course introduces the fundamental elements and principles of art and design that every proficient artist or designer uses, including movement, balance, contrast, and form.  This course will also dive into some visual organization techniques such as composition and color theory that play a major role in any visual experience.  These skills will be analyzed and put to practice in projects designed to be unique to the individual’s personality and provide an experience that will help shape artistic endeavors to come.

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