Thomas Warfel

Mr. Thomas Warfel grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area. He earned a B.A. in Geology from Occidental College in 2016 and a M.S. in Earth Science from Syracuse University in 2018. His undergraduate thesis was focused on using Fission Frack Tephrochronology to date volcanic tephra deposits that were collected from early hominid-bearing rock layers, in Ethiopia. His master thesis involved using Thermochronology to better understand the tectonic history of the Denali Fault, in Alaska. While at Syracuse University, Thomas taught introductory geology and oceanography labs and recitations to help fund his degree. 

After successfully defending his Masters Thesis in Syracuse, Thomas began working as a geologist for an environmental consulting firm in Long Beach, CA. He has been teaching middle school math, science, physical education and advisory classes over the past academic year at Heschel Day School. He was captain of his high school and collegiate cross country and track and field teams and he is currently a multi-sport coach at Heschel Day School. In his free time, Thomas enjoys traveling, exercising, and watching sports. Thomas’ favorite sports to watch are soccer, auto racing (primarily Formula One and Indycar), and cycling. 

My Courses

The Game of Life: Using Mathematics to Optimize Life’s Biggest Decisions (Grades 7+8)

In this course, students will use mathematics to analyze real-world decisions that they can expect to make after graduating high school. Students will do independent research in order to weigh the pros and cons of attending college, going to trade school, purchasing a home, etc. Students will also learn how to create a budget and how to plan for retirement. The primary objectives of this course are to expose students to real decisions that they are likely to face and to teach them how to tackle challenges rationally using mathematics.

The Game of Life (Expanded Edition): Using Mathematics to Optimize Life’s Biggest Decisions (Grades 9+10)

This is a more rigorous version of The Game of Life, in which students learn the underlying mathematics behind important life decisions. While the general premise remains the same, students will work through mathematical topics such as probability distributions, standard deviation, and compounding interest in more depth.