Nat Damon

Mr. Nat Damon taught English Literature in both Boston, MA and Los Angeles, CA. Specifically, he was a middle school English teacher at The Park School and Derby Academy (both located outside of Boston). When he moved to Los Angeles, Nat taught 8th and 9th grade English at Harvard-Westlake School (Middle School Campus). While an administrator at Sierra Canyon, Nat taught 11th grade AP English Literature.


As a writer, podcaster, and educator, Nat brings his interest in the human condition into his classes.  He is excited to return to the classroom at Reach Academy for Young Men, and he looks forward to broadening the minds of his students as well as his own throughout the experience.

My Courses

Capstone Project

Each participant will create a Leadership Guide, which contains tools and strategies designed specifically for him as he moves ahead from Reach Academy.

On Leadership

What is a 21st century leader?  It’s not what you may think. Leaders come in all types of personalities, yet where they really stand apart is their character. In this course at our summer institute for boys, we will look within ourselves to discover the true nature of our character, and we will apply our discoveries to how we lead. We will learn effective communication skills, essential questioning, and team-building. Included in this course is a focus on male leadership and how we can use our male identity as a positive force in today’s society.