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Kanye Langston

Kayne Langston

Kayne Langston is the current Director of Human Development and Life Skills Teacher at TREE Academy in West Hollywood, CA. A graduate of San Jose State University with a BA in Communicative Disorders and Sciences, specializing in Special Education, Mr. Langston furthered his education at The International Institute of Restorative Practices, earning an MS in Restorative Practices. His passion lies in youth development and social-emotional wellness, where he actively implements restorative practices to create a healthy school environment.


Firmly believing in the right to education for all, Mr. Langston advocates for equity in the educational system. As a strong proponent of playtime, he emphasizes its role in building meaningful connections and enhancing social and emotional skills. Mr. Langston continues to shape a school culture that prioritizes empathy, communication, and the holistic development of each student, making a profound impact on the future leaders of tomorrow.

My Course

Ctrl+Alt+Del: Empower Your Mind

Control your thoughts, alter your attitude, and delete negativity. This course is a 3-step process that empowers the young mind to make strides towards their ultimate potential through self-internalization, unpacking self-value, and surrounding oneself with dream champions. 


CTRL: Students will explore emotional origins and develop skills to identify and care for emotions.

ALT: Students will articulate the underlying fear of failure and visualize what it means to “shine”. 

DEL: Students will define what a friend is while avoiding those who might be dream thieves.


Students will walk away with the tools to nurture their emotions, recognize their value, and protect their dreams.

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