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Drew Kugler

Drew Kugler

For forty years, Drew Kugler ( has been actively sought as a coach by organizations and their senior executives worldwide. He has also taught and lectured at Stanford, Wisconsin, Tulane, San Diego State, USC and NYU. (In addition to his heralded coaching business, Drew has made sure to provide his coaching free of charge to the elementary, middle, and high schools that his daughters attended)


For the past twenty-three years,  Drew has been a consistent professional presence in many Jewish synagogues, service agencies, schools, and camps as an advisor and teacher to adults and young people.  

Drew has an M.A. from San Diego State University. He is a faculty member at the Hebrew Union College at USC.

My Course

Public Speaking and Civil Discourse

It happens from the moment you're born to the moment you die.  You want to talk.  It's a truism, you find that human conversation, despite many other ways and technologies used to connect, will uniquely follow you into the most important times of your life (and all the other ones, too!).   We all know there are good conversations and ones that we would like to improve.  For over thirty-five years, Drew Kugler has traveled around the world conducting coaching better conversations in some of the biggest companies and with small teams of people in not-for-profits. He also taught and lectured on conversation, leadership, and collaboration at preeminent universities, high schools, and elementary schools, always focusing on helping his audiences discover the distinctive possibilities that the right kind of conversation will create in your life and the lives of people you care about.


Drew's course for Reach Academy is called Public Speaking and Civil Discourse”.  In it, Drew and his students will dive into a deeper understanding of why conversation plays such a large role in our lives while looking candidly at the obstacles that can diminish a conversation.  Finally, each student will have the opportunity to design and practice their “Right Conversation Strategy”, which will guide them in their conversations ahead.

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