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Sunrit Panda

Sunrit Panda

Sunrit is a student at Princeton University studying Operations Research and Financial Engineering. For over a decade, he has practiced Hindustani Vocal Classical music with performances on TV, radio, and across the world. He is also a 2nd degree black belt Taekwondo instructor and competitor, currently competing in the ECTC Conference and USAT Circuit. During the summer of 2022, Sunrit was promoted to Associate at SOF and directly manages partnerships with Morgan Stanley and SoFi. This summer, building on a vested interest in the environment, he is simultaneously doing conservation work on the rural island of Moloka'i in Hawai'i through Princeton's Programs in Civic Service.


Sunrit also has diverse experiences in the world of science and healthcare. His commitment to mental health motivated him to found COVIDTeenline, a peer-counseling text line that worked with numerous teens in 7 countries during the pandemic. Through this textline, he worked with youth leaders in the UK to send a petition for mental health service funding to the UK parliament. He also conducted caloric restriction and Fibroblast Growth Factor 21 oncology research at Rutgers New Jersey Medical School. He will be included as an author on a review paper and national conference poster to be published soon. Finally, bridging his interests in health care and English literature, he gave an oral presentation at the University of Pittsburgh Humanities in Healthcare conference, the abstract of which is published on During the college applications process, these activities earned him a conditional acceptance to medical school. Building off of his past experience as a college admissions consultant and English literature tutor, Sunrit cannot wait to work on passion projects and tutor subjects that bridge the realms of science, healthcare, finance, the humanities, and more.

My Courses

Climate Change... Says Who?: Introduction to Environmental Modeling

(Grades: All)

How can we simplify real-world environmental systems into mathematical equations to study them? How do our models help guide our environmental conservation efforts today?


"If we don't cut CO2 emissions today, we are headed towards irreversible climate change by 2050." You must have seen headlines like the one above... but what does it mean? Who decided that the climate was changing and why did they make the deadline 2050? Climate scientists use models to study the potential effects of humankind on the environment. With this course you can become that scientist and model the environment with the amazing power of Math and Computers!


Money Matters: Introduction to Personal Finance and Trading

How can you create a secure financial future for yourself starting today? What is the stock market and how does it affect your financial future?


A weekly allowance of $5. Swiping a credit card to pay for your family's groceries. Buzzwords like day trading and cryptocurrency. All these have one thing in common--they are highly relevant to making sure you have enough money to reach your goals and do the things that you love. This course will teach you important aspects of the world of personal finance and help you make money serve your interests... now and into adulthood.

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