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Ronak Shetty

Ronak Shetty

Ashwin Ronak Shetty is a Freshman at Stanford University with a background in Spanish and Portuguese language and culture, education, technology, business strategy, marketing, politics, and public service. Ronak's experiences with his own non-profit ( combined with his publications and podcasts reflect his deep interest in world cultures, education, language, politics, and optimism for structural change. Furthermore, Ronak’s work experience at UC Berkeley Haas demonstrates his love and passion for teaching students to question the status quo and to innovate and create new solutions. At Stanford, Ronak continues to work with Aprendalo ESL and engage in activities with Habla ESL, El Centro, and Stanford’s Latin American Politics club.

My Course

Engaging with Global Texts (Grades: All)

How can I become a global citizen?

How can I analyze stories from writers across the world?

How can I write about what I read and reflect meaningfully?

How can I gain a valuable global perspective through reading analytically?

If any of these questions spark your interest, take Engaging with Global Texts!


In this course, students will read and analyze stories, poems, and songs from writers from across the world (Europe, Latin America, Asia). Through reading, students will analyze various cultural traditions and practices. Through this, students will gain confidence in partaking in dialogue on various topics regarding global perspectives. Throughout the course, students will complete a fun, exciting “commonplace quote book project.” At the end of this course, students will pour their knowledge from various texts into one short presentation on a global topic or a particular culture of interest.

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