Oscar Champignuelle

Oscar Champignuelle

Oscar is on the pre-medical track and is pursuing a degree in Applied Math and Biology at Brown University. He graduated from Poly Prep (Brooklyn, NY) in 2019, where he played on the varsity soccer team since he was in 8th grade, ran with the track team for 3 years, tutored low income students, and volunteered at the NYU hospital in Brooklyn. Oscar was born in the United States, and lived in France for four years, where he learned to speak, read and write French fluently and gained a love for his dad's side of the family's culture. During his time at Brown, Oscar played for the varsity and club soccer teams, took a semester off to live in the Dominican Republic where he conducted research on the COVID-19 vaccine, played on a variety of intramural teams (including volleyball and water polo), and has developed a passion for kitesurfing.


This summer, Oscar will travel to Paris to work in an orthopedics clinic for 2 months, where he will shadow a multitude of doctors, gain an understanding of the dynamics of a medical clinic, and participate in prosthetic research. In the meantime, Oscar would like to share his knowledge in the sciences with curious students, tutoring math, and physics, and sharing his passions for soccer and kitesurfing. He hopes to inspire in his students a desire to work hard, pursue their passions, and realize their goals!

My Course

The Flying Physics of Kitesurfing!

This workshop will explore the mathematics and physics involved in the sport of kitesurfing. Students will also be introduced to the sport itself (how everything works), its history, where in the world people kitesurf, information about wind and weather, and more. Students should expect an introduction to basic topics in physics (vectors, velocity, acceleration, forces and more). The workshop will culminate in a final project where students design some kitesurfing equipment of their own. Students will present their design to the group and will explain some of the concepts learned. No prior knowledge of any topics in physics is required. Everyone is welcome and should be enthusiastic about learning an application of mathematics in water sports!


Capstone Project

Students will design a kite of their own (drawn design or physical model). The design includes details regarding dimensions, materials, and descriptions of appropriate wind conditions in which their design would be used. Students will also design a presentation, applying mathematical and physical concepts learned throughout the project to their model.