Ndubueze Okonkwo

Ndubueze Okonkwo

Ndubueze Tony Okonkwo is a Nigerian American Columbia University student who attended Chaminade high school in Mineola, New York. During his high school years he participated in Track and Field as a short distance sprinter, served as the chief art editor for his school’s literary and art magazine, and was the chief art editor for his school’s newspaper. He is currently in his third year of college as a psychology major at Columbia. He is also on a pre-med track, pursuing a career in health care. He hopes to give back by offering his services as a reconstructive plastic surgeon. He has spent time assisting in hospitals as both a student and an aid for rural hospitals in Wichita, Kansas as well as aiding his parents on mission trips to Nigeria to offer free medical care to the underprivileged civilians.


In conjunction with his passion in medicine Ndubueze is also incredibly passionate about visual art and storytelling. He utilizes his gift in the arts to give back as well by participating as an educator in the Arts and Minds organization that hopes to combat the effects of age on the elderly using art as a form of therapy. On his own, Ndubueze further pursues his passions in art and storytelling by being a comic book writer and illustrator in the manga style and has written and self published his first book Rune Symbol Volume One and is currently working on his second book and a novel as well. In his free time Ndubueze loves to spend time reading and listening to stories and books in the horror genre. Apart from this he is also interested in fitness and health, enjoying weight lifting and running.

My Course

Become a Creator in Five Days - From Manga to Novels

In this workshop we will be working towards creating a short graphic novel scene comparable to those of the big names in the industry both in western comics and eastern manga. The goal will be to walk the students through the steps involved in coming up with compelling characters and an engaging story, then working on the different ways of artistically representing this story in a sequential and paneled format and finally creating a cover art and synopsis for the work and self publishing it digitally.


Capstone Project

The capstone project would be for the students to create their manga/comic book. They would learn how to create the characters, write a compelling story storyboard and plan the first chapter and finally panel out and create their manuscript (likely just one chapter since the period of time is so short) then digitally publish and get them on their way to becoming creators in this artistic endeavor. They would also be taught and introduced to tip and tricks to help them with important anatomical techniques to create the dynamic gestures and poses very commonly seen in these types of works.