Mahlon Sorenson

Mahlon Sorenson

Mahlon Sorensen is a senior at Yale University and a New York City native. Mahlon is also a midshipman in the Yale Naval Reserve Officers Training Corps, and accordingly, he will be heading down to Pensacola, FL to begin his training as a student naval aviator.  At Yale, Mahlon studies history, with a particular focus on military history, international relations, and great power competition. He was a member of the Brady-Johnson Program in Grand Strategy, a year long course in which students study the classics and applications of strategy in the historical and contemporary realms. Besides his studies and NROTC, Mahlon served as the President of the Yale Men's Rugby team during the 2021 season.

My Course

Warfare and Strategy: Grand Lessons From the History of Conflict

What were the strategies that were most successful in the great wars of history? How can we draw lessons from armed conflict? These key questions, and others, will be the focus of this workshop! Students will conduct a series of case studies of important events in military history, ranging from antiquity to the modern era. Every class, we will examine and analyze a significant battle or campaign, and we will discuss what larger lessons can be learned from those events. Absolutely no prior experience to military history is required – the intent of the course is to expose students to the world of strategic studies by studying some of the most consequential events in warfare. The final project will direct students to conduct a case study of their own and present their findings to the class.


Capstone Project

Students in this course will learn the language and techniques of military history and strategic analysis.  The final project will take the form of a briefing, where students discuss their case study as if they were presenting to policymakers seeking guidance.