Jack Riley Brown University

Jack Riley

Jack is a junior at Brown University studying Music and Computer Science. He is a co-founder of the Brown Organization of Producers and Songwriters (BOPS), as well as technical director and executive board member for Tunes for Change, a Brown organization that hosts charitable benefit concerts. In 2021, he was a recipient of the Brown Department of Music Margery MacColl Award for outstanding musicianship. Jack is an accredited music producer who, at 19, had songs featured on Spotify’s “New Music Friday,” “Anti Pop,” and “Fresh Finds” editorial playlists, and his works have garnered over 1.3 million streams. A drummer and bassist at heart, his work ranges from hip-hop to indie pop to folk. Jack has taught music at School of Rock, and in fall 2020 designed and taught a music production course at Wave Learning Festival.


Jack also loves to code — he is a lead software developer at music tech startup ForeverFan, was a computer science teaching assistant at Brown, and has taught Java programming at iD Tech Camps. In his free time, he loves to bike and run.


My Course

Course Description: Introduction to Music Production

There’s a music producer in everyone — in this class, we’ll find yours. Taught by a professional producer with over 1.7 million streams to his name, this course explores the industry-standard music production process. Over 5 days, students will learn basic music theory, explore creative and meaningful sound selection and arrangement techniques, and learn production tools like equalization, compression, modulation, and time-based effects. The course will also cover foundational concepts in digital audio, such as analog to digital conversion, sample rates, and export settings. Students will work in Garageband, Reaper, or a digital audio workstation of their choice, depending on their operating system. By the end of the course, every participant will have a completed song of their own and have the ability to submit it to a streaming service for free! This course does not require songwriting/production experience or knowledge of music theory. A very basic understanding of any instrument is recommended.


Capstone Project:

Students will write, produce, and potentially release a song using Garageband, Reaper, or a digital audio workstation of their choice.