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Daniel Fishman

Daniel Fishman

Daniel Fishman is studying Computer Science and Management Science & Engineering at Stanford University. He is passionate about problem solving, teaching, and learning. Before college, Daniel completed multiple award-winning science fair projects, ran his school newspaper, and won a congressional gold medal. Daniel also spent a summer in high school living with a host family in Spain. Daniel really enjoys sharing his passions with others through mentorship. As the Vice President of Stanford’s student-run investment club, Daniel mentors a team of students, sharing his passion for finance with them and teaching each member how to think about companies and markets qualitatively and quantitatively.


Originally from Orange County, California, Daniel loves spending time outside. He enjoys going to the beach, hiking, cooking, and playing with his dog. He also loves watching baseball, playing poker, and playing tennis. In his free time, catch Daniel trying out new recipes, reading books, and watching movies. Daniel will be working full-time in New York City after college in finance. He is passionate about understanding the world through markets, technology, and people.


My Courses

See the Numbers in Games: Intro to Sports Analytics (Grades: All)

What is the intersection between sports and math? In what ways are math and statistics used in sports to outperform competition? In this course, we will dive into an analysis of sports analytics and how math and stats can be used to generate a competitive edge in sports.


Sustainable Technology in California (Grades: All)

California has been in a drought for a long time. However, access to resources like water are a challenge around the world. This course will examine using renewable resources to develop technologies to build sustainable access to clean water (desalination, fuel cell, etc.).

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