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Calvin Dunn

Calvin Dunn is pursuing a degree in Mathematics/Computer Science at Western Washington University. He is the Vice President of the ACM club at Western and working on a side project with a Professor in the Computer Science Department along with his studies. He is a very caring mentor and wants to make sure that any concept, no matter how challenging it may be, that all students can have fun learning while mastering it. He is patient, creative, funny, and encouraging.


My Courses

War & Strategy: From Troy to Ukraine (Grades: All)

Artillery and Trigonometry, Safety and Torpedoes, Ukraine and Afghanistan: There is more to strategy than just guns and grenades!


How does math and terrain play into strategic thinking? How does safety for the average soldier lead to better success than recklessness? What are the similarities between the invasion of Ukraine and the USSR’s invasion of Afghanistan in 1979? In this course, we will examine the development of territorial advantageousness, soldier and pilot safety, and compare and contrast current events with events your parents might have remembered when they were your age!


Famous Tales of Survival: More than Meets the Eye (Grades: All)

There are many infamous stories of survival. How about two of our presidents John F Kennedy and George H.W. Bush surviving disasters during World War II? How about Paul Rusesabagina protecting over 1,200+ people from the genocide occuring in Rwanda? The Chernobyl liquidators who went into the power plant just days after the disaster? This course will go over these amazing circumstances and the people behind them.

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